Carl Fischer’s Organic Groove Ensemble, fronted by Fischer’s trumpet playing laid on top of a bed of B3 organ, performs a high energy array of jazz, funk and rock-oriented styles which has received rave reviews from critics, media and fans alike.  Fischer’s trumpeting and compositional leadership, has received worldwide acclaim and chart-topping status for its recordings since its founding in 2001. The group, whose latest acclaimed CD, “Adverse Times,” charted at #4 on the National Music Choice® Jazz Charts, features an eclectic repertoire of selections from Miles Davis and Billy Joel to its leader’s original compositions.

“Adverse Times is a breakthrough disc for Carl Fischer and his fine B3 organ-ized group, Organic Groove Ensemble. Fischer—a mainstay of the Billy Joel touring ensemble and former featured soloist with Maynard Ferguson—steps us admirably and throws his name into the talent-rich ring. With this album, he shows that he belongs.” –