Carl Fischer represents the epitome of musical dedication and versatility that musicians aspire to. His approach combines a deep passion with humble expertise, making his craft not only a showcase but also a masterclass featured on a global stage. As a multi-instrumentalist on trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, and saxophones, Fischer’s ability and talent have established him as a dynamic and sought-after musician throughout the industry. “The crowd goes nuts… He’s just such a good musician. He just blows people away.” (Billy Joel/SiriusXM Radio Interview)

Carl Fischer’s musical journey, inspired by his father, began with the trumpet at age 5 and evolved through diverse experiences, from the bar band to the circus. His professional path saw significant milestones, including performances with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra under Wynton Marsalis and a transformative tenure with jazz trumpet legend Maynard Ferguson, where Fischer grew to become a featured soloist, musical director, and was even allowed to be the first trumpet player to open for Ferguson in his 40+ years of touring. Ferguson’s praise of Fischer as “one of the best jazz trumpeters of today” marked a high point in Fischer’s early career.

Since joining Billy Joel’s band in 2005, Carl Fischer has been part of an extraordinary journey marked by unmatched milestones in Joel’s career. This includes a decade-long, record-breaking residency at Madison Square Garden, standout performances at the 2024 Grammy Awards, platinum records and DVDs (Joel’s “Last Play at Shea”), and a consistent worldwide touring schedule. Fischer’s role in all of these has also been accentuated through celebrated collaborations with music icons such as Chick Corea, Paul Simon, and most recently Sting, showcasing his versatility and the high regard he garners in the music industry.

In addition to his work with Joel, Carl has distinguished himself as a featured soloist alongside the legendary Diana Ross, served as the music director and lead trumpet player for the iconic jazz-rock horn band Blood Sweat & Tears, and spent more than 12 years alongside jazz trumpet legend Maynard Ferguson. He’s also had the opportunity to share the stage with a remarkable array of talent within the music industry, including Wynton Marsalis, Aretha Franklin, Stephen Tyler, Elvis Costello, and Gavin Degraw, among others. Fischer has also had the honor of performing for distinguished audiences, including President Obama and royalty such as the Kings of Thailand and Bahrain, as well as the Prince of Morocco. Fischer has also been a reoccurring feature performer of the National Anthem for the New York Yankees.

In April 2020, Carl Fischer’s Sunshine City Brass made waves with “Down by the Riverside,” featuring a blend of Fischer’s instrumental talent and vocals from his bandmate Michael Delguidice from the Billy Joel band, earning acclaim and a featured spot on Fox Television. The group, born during the pandemic, offers a jazz journey blending northern and southern grooves, embodying the spirit of the Big Easy with a Big Apple energy. The band also has a regular residency in St. Petersburg, FL, that has even featured Yankee star, legend, and guitar great Bernie Williams. This project stands as a testament to Fischer’s ongoing commitment to exploring new musical landscapes and his ability to captivate audiences with his innovative sound.

During recent years, Fischer launched “The Tuesday Night Hang with Carl Fischer,” an interactive livestream featuring discussions and music insights that has become a regular feature on the Billy Joel Channel on SiriusXM.

Another highlighted project of Fischer’s is TËTI (Tribute to Evolutionary Trumpet Icons), which celebrates the luminaries of trumpet playing, honoring the likes of Louis, Dizzy, Miles, and Maynard—musicians who were not just virtuosos but pioneers that defined and transcended musical genres. Fischer brings their legacy to life, with arrangements like “What a Wonderful World” and the “MF Spirit Medley” offering a modern homage that captures their groundbreaking spirit. 

Carl Fischer’s passion for music extends well beyond his performances. He is deeply involved in music education and has developed a significant presence in the world of musical instrument design. Fischer conducts workshops for students at universities and secondary schools, covering a wide range of topics from trumpet, trombone, and saxophone techniques to rhythm section dynamics. His commitment to education is matched by his innovative contributions to instrument design.

In collaboration with Warburton Music Products, Fischer has been instrumental in the creation of the “CF Horn,” a testament to Fischer’s influence and reputation in the music community. Furthermore, his long-standing partnership with mouthpiece expert Gary Radtke of GR Mouthpieces has led to the development of the “Carl Fischer Signature Series” line of mouthpieces. This line has been groundbreaking, offering solutions that have revitalized the careers of professional musicians while also providing valuable tools for beginners and students.

Fischer’s dedication to music, education, and design is profound, embodying a lifestyle rather than merely a career. His efforts not only enrich the music industry but also empower musicians across all levels of expertise, showcasing his unwavering commitment to the art of music.

Carl is one of the best jazz trumpeters today!

The Late Great Maynard Ferguson

Fischer’s a “gifted musician”. “… the crowd goes nuts… Maybe it’s unexpected but he’s just such a good musician. He just blows people away,”

Billy Joel

Fischer’s trumpet and flugelhorn sound is as inviting as warm butter.

Nicholas Mondello

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