Carl Fischer & TËTI

Carl Fischer & T.Ë.T.I. –Pronounced- Tet-eye. (Tribute to Evolutionary Trumpet Icons)

Carl Fischer & T.Ë.T.I. is a tribute to the greats that postured as more than just trumpet players, but also as innovators in the music, styles and social movements that surrounded them. These are the trumpet icons that are recognizable even by only their first name.  The ones you can recognize from the first note or phrase.  They helped to create, and give identity to, musical genres and even crossed between them.  Louis, Diz, Miles, Maynard, and Freddie!  These were the game changers that shaped not just the way trumpet was played, but also the music itself!   T.Ë.T.I., or Tribute to Evolutionary Trumpet Icons, gives audiences a sonic and visual “look” into these master musicians, with compositions representing everything from their early developments to that which continues to influence even the trumpet greats of tomorrow.

The instrumentation of T.Ë.T.I. helps to showcase and accentuate Carl Fischer’s unique, exciting, big sound and style as a trumpet soloist, section player and multi-instrumentalist.  Joining Fischer is Chicago based Stephen Wright (trumpet/flugelhorn/electronics) and complemented by a dynamic rhythm section, spoken word and multimedia presentation all uniquely crafted for this tribute.  It is truly a gumbo of the trumpet greats, interpreted by Fischer, and presented with his own sound…developed in part by the life and legacy of these icons.

Make no mistake. The best process to follow, as a musician, is to emulate the greats and then evolve into yourself… finding your own sound” states Fischer.  Carl Fischer and T.Ë.T.I exemplifies this, while also showcasing some of Fischer’s own compositions.  “While I was recording solos for the late/great Maynard Ferguson’s album ‘Brass Attitude’, Maynard said to me ‘ah Carl, that’s ok, but do it again and now play it like yourself.  People want to hear you’!   Ok, Mayn…. I’m still trying!”

Organic Groove Ensemble

Carl Fischer’s Organic Groove Ensemble, fronted by Fischer’s trumpet playing laid on top of a bed of B3 organ, performs a high energy array of jazz, funk and rock-oriented styles which has received rave reviews from critics, media and fans alike.  Fischer’s trumpeting and compositional leadership, has received worldwide acclaim and chart-topping status for its recordings since its founding in 2001. The group, whose latest acclaimed CD, “Adverse Times,” charted at #4 on the National Music Choice® Jazz Charts, features an eclectic repertoire of selections from Miles Davis and Billy Joel to its leader’s original compositions.

“Adverse Times is a breakthrough disc for Carl Fischer and his fine B3 organ-ized group, Organic Groove Ensemble. Fischer—a mainstay of the Billy Joel touring ensemble and former featured soloist with Maynard Ferguson—steps us admirably and throws his name into the talent-rich ring. With this album, he shows that he belongs.” –

Nouveau Big Band

The “Nouveau” Big Band, a large 10-piece ensemble, features some of New York’s finest “first call” musicians and performs high-power, screaming brass-featured selections reminiscent of the work of trumpet legend Maynard Ferguson, bass icon Jaco Pastorius, bebop trumpet king Dizzy Gillespie and others. Its prior performances at the Queens, NY Astor Room and the infamous NYC club Miles Cafe have gotten high praise – and press – and have been a “feast” for lovers of high-energy jazz.

“We’ve been quite pleased with the terrific reception my “Nouveau” band has received at the NewYork gigs,” stated Fischer who has starred with jazz and pop music’s greatest.“This is not a “ghost” or tribute band.We’re moving in our own direction with some of the best and brightest players on the scene today, I like to say that this band has one foot in the past and one foot moving the music forward.” The “Nouveau” members have played with some of the greatest music icons including Billy Joel, Marc Anothony ,Dizzy Gillespie all stars, Elton John, Mike Stern,Tower of Power,Yellow Jackets, Jennifer Lopez, Maynard Ferguson, Bruce Springsteen, Diana Ross, Huey Lewis, Hall and Oats and Etc.

Booking Information

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