IMG_1142August 28, 2013
Jason Waack (WTM Chicago)

On August 3, 2013, Carl Fischer’s Nouveau Big Band travelled to Scranton, PA to headline the 9th Annual Scranton Jazz Festival with their high energy stage performance. The band, fronted by Carl Fischer (trumpet player) took the stage and proceeded to give the audience 90 minutes of great music from some of the best and brightest musicians on the scene today.

Festival goer, David Pepka, said “My friend Marko Marcinko told me I would not be disappointed and boy was he right.” Pepka continued… “Carl seems to be very versatile, leading a small combo, jamming with rock legend Billy Joel, or fronting his own big band….this guy can do it all.”

The band masterfully showcased everything from original compositions and arrangements from Fischer, and his band members, to even pulling out a couple of great tunes from legendary jazz artist Maynard Ferguson, who Fischer (and some of the band members) had the opportunity to tour and record with for a number of years.  The Carl Fischer Nouveau Big Band certainly brought it on this night, and you should definitely not miss any chance you get to check them out.  For more information and booking information regarding the Nouveau Big Band, check out