Today marks what would be my idol and close friend Maynard Ferguson’s 86th birthday. I sure do miss him and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. However last night while playing a gig in Minnesota with Diana Ross I was surrounded by Maynard’s and my friends and family for a great Indian dinner, and a nice after the show hang chocked full of Maynard stories. I thank Pete Ferguson for making the effort and long commute for the hang, as well as Cheri dee, Steve Kreseil , John Scarpulla , Chris Karlic and last but not least Dan and Mike ( Ren and stimpy) from Minnesota…my boyz. It still amazes me how he still brings people together! If it wasn’t for the boss, Maynard Ferguson, I would not have had any direction to my music, and would not ever have had his monster sound in my head, as well of not having met my beautiful wife and her family. For that and many more things I am lucky for and will forever cherish. Love ya Mayn. Hope your having fun at that big ass jam session in the sky!