In September of 2016, after nearly 10 years as a endorsing Artist with Yamaha I decided to move on. For countless world tours, recordings, clinics, and tv appearances the horns I had were wonderful; however, it was time to move forward. I wish all my friends at Yamaha all the best.

I now look forward to getting to work on some new and exciting things this year and we are starting it off BIG! I will now have a new Signature Series trumpet coming out as a result of a new partnership with the great shop of Terry Warburton and Warburton Music Products in Mims, FL. Terry and I met over 25 years ago in FL, and he is still the same hungry & hard working man I remember… only now making some incredibly killer horns. We have been working on prototypes for the past few months and have almost got it dialed in . Since November, I have been play testing these horns on my gigs with Billy Joel as well as blind fold testing the horns with friends/band members/sound engineers and etc. They have all picked my new Warburton “CF Horn” hands down… (those are my initials LOL) I have felt a security and slots like never before and it’s hard to believe, but even a bigger sound than any trumpet I have ever played or owned.

I will keep you in the loop when we announce the new Warburton “C.F. Horn” to the market. I really look forward to a long partnership with Terry Warburton and believe that his insight, tenacity, craftsmanship, and sense of humor will be a great match for myself and FischMusic Productions.