February 20, 2020 was the last show with Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden before the pandemic began. Now we come full circle and are about to finally hit the stage tonight again with Billy Joel at our home, The Garden. The last 21 months have been challenging for all and as a musician it’s been a time to reflect, hope and even re-invent to a certain extent. I’ve done some work and design on my CF Horn. I’ve gotten to do some recording and playing with my groups TËTI as well as the Sunshine City Brass. I’ve gotten to do some virtual education and performance sessions. We are also 59 episodes in to a live online show, The Tuesday Night Hang with Carl Fischer, and couldn’t be more appreciative of the support and participation you’ve given. Even had a friend watching a live episode of the show in an empty Madison Square Garden which just made me more anxious to get back on the stage with my friends. So, this is just a quick note to say thank you and show my appreciation to you, to Billy and the entire Billy Joel organization. For everyone coming to The Garden tonight, I’ll see you there and for everyone at home, I hope you are safe, healthy and we’ll see you soon.

Empty Madison Square Garden